? about the gris/vert leather

  1. Hi All - I was at Bloomingdales today a I put a grey/green paddy on hold. My question: Is this leather supposed to be firmer/stiffer? I noticed that it's not a smooshy as the other leathers. I was also wondering if any of you who have one, does it break in and become more soft? Thanks!!
  2. When I looked at that color at Saks in Huntington, I noticed a much stiffer leather as well. I think that the leather with the 2006s tends to be that way, but from what I hear, they get smooshy and broken in with use.
  3. I think the leather softness varies from bag to bag.

    I had a gorgeous mousse (same gris vert with a different edgework color, I compared them side by side) that was very soft and supple:

  4. Thanks Ladies - I think I'll purchase it - I'm sure it'll get softer with use.
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