about the canvas

  1. Can you explain to me: damier/monogram canvas is made from what kind of material? I know this is very general, but i'm sure there are people who have some curiousity about this.

    Thanks ;)
  2. It is canvas that has been coated but I am not sure how the process works. Several handbag companies also do this!
  3. :smile: We have so many threads about this, for future, you can search the forum...welcome to PF

    Canvas: treated canvas with silk screen print,special printing process and can last long..long time .Very durable and can outlast leather bag.
  4. I have read here in the forum that it is Egyptian cotton or Egyptian linen. Not sure which is correct.
  5. I heard that the "canvas" is just plain vinyl. Yep, our vuitton bags are supposedly just some glorified plastic. But it sure does last long!
  6. :confused1: :confused1: ....lasting a long time I do agree though.
  7. Yep, I think it's coated canvas but I like to think of the canvas as those that artists use for oil painting...LV bags are like art..to me..sometimes...oh, but majority of the handles and trim are made of leather...
  8. Wow, I never knew that! I've always thought of it being a coated leather. I'm really an LV newbie.
  9. So CLEVER. :yes:
  10. LOL me too!!
  11. Hmm, I've never heard of treated canvas being just plain vinyl or glorified plastic.
    Yes, it does last very long. I have had my first LV, a mono Speedy, for about 12 years and she still looks as beautiful. Even more so because the handles have the gorgeous patina now.
  12. It isn't vinyl, it is treated cotton canvas, I asked this same question live chat to vuitton.com.
  13. It is beautiful, thats for sure :yes:
  14. Yes but that treatment means putting clear vinyl over it. It's like putting protective plastic coating over the cotton which is screenprinted with the monograms prior to the coating. The finished canvas is like 90% plastic.
  15. I disagree, I have had seen a LV piece that was shredded and it is not mostly vinly or plastic....that is just the coating....it had lots of threads intertwined......this was when I was fairly young so I cant elaborate....and it was really tuff to tear....it was even hard to cut it through with a scissor....it took my aunt a long time to trash it as I recall.....

    Dont know why she was doing this though.....weird.....:shame: