!!! About that full-priced bag I've got my eye on....

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  1. [​IMG]

    This is the bag....and I only saw it in black and milk on eLuxury. I knew they made a brown but never saw it in real life. The other day I saw it in person and I practically ran to it from across the store haha It's gorgeous and I had it put on hold for a few days to think about it. I was hoping for some sought of sale - but it isn't on sale. The best they're going to give me is 15% off. Should I do it??? I know I would wear this bag all the time - it's quilted, it's a shoulder bag, it's pleated, it's zippered, it's gorgeous!!! It's also the floor model - not a new one out of the box. I was concerned about that as well but there is no damage to it.

    The black I ruled out b/c I have other black quilted bags now. The milk color I ruled out because it's a lighter color and I rather have a darker color in a bag I use all the time ;)

    Please tell me what you think I should do. I would definitely be cashing in some savings bonds for this beauty as well as some major eBay unloading....thanks ;) Also should mention that this is the ONLY bag from the newer MJ bags that I'm head over heels with.

    This is my shoulder bag answer to the stam!!!
  2. OMG I love it and would get it immediately? What is the name of the bag? Not familiar with it? But:heart:it!
  3. I'd say do it, but I tend to be an enabler. If it is a bag you love, go for it! just do the "how many times I'd wear her" calculation and I'm sure you will justify this purchase. :tup: You'll be the first I know to own this gorgeous bag!
  4. You saved me from buying another mj just because the price was good! If you don't love it price be :devil:! I am just going to get what I love and dream about and I would dream about that bag it is fab!!
  5. Get it, Get it, Get it!!
    If you are really in love with it you should go for it!
  6. You sound just like me - It sounds like you have your mind all made up & LOVE the bag but just need to know that it's OK from someone else!!!

    If you have the $$ - or know that you can unload a few older bags - and really want it AND its the only one, then get it. What's the worst that can happen? You change your mind & return it? You discover that you can't unload those bags, so you take it back for a full refund?
    If there's only a small window of opportunity (which it sounds as if there is), than I say GET IT!

    As for the bag - I really like it. What style is that? What's the inside like - one main section, or three (like the Alyona?). I love the shoulder strap on that bag, it looks so comfortable. Even the double handles look long enough to fit comfortably over the shoulder.

    My vote: YES!:tup::tup::tup:
  7. ^I thought it was called the Mariah or something like that.
  8. I would buy it! No point regretting it if you dont buy and you can return it if you change your mind
  9. Quilted Margot!!! DO it!!!:drool:
  10. Very nice. I would do it if you know it is a bag you will get lots of use from. Sounds like a wise purchase. Go for it.
  11. What a beautiful bag! If you are going to get a lot of use out of it (and are head over heals) you should do it!!!
  12. if it's not a big deal to cash your savings bonds then go for it. it sounds like the bag will make you happy and you'll really love it, so it's safe to say that it'll be worth it. can't wait to see pictures of it. :smile:
  13. Sounds like you are in-love :love: Definitely get it!!! You can always change your mind later and return it (doesn't sound like you would though). Post pictures when you get her!!!
  14. Hey, 15% off is still a great deal for a newly released bag. Go for it! Sell a old bag if you have to!
  15. :drool::drool::drool::drool:

    Holy Moly!! That's GORGEOUS!!! DO IT! DO IT!