? about stain repellent

  1. Have any of you done this to your bags. I had it done to my firebird red because I had gotten a huge stain on it. I sent to Margaret's Factotum and they did an awesome job removing the stain by the way. I highly recommend them. I think baglover told me about it. I had them put the repellent on. Does this actually do something for the bag. I am trying to decide if it is worth doing to my moss bag. Doesn't this leather show water spots?? Do you think I should do it to be safe? sorry kind of long
  2. I use the leather protectant from Wilson's Leather for years. It's cheap and works great! A can goes a long way. I've had my MJ blake and Gucci hobo rained on, and there are no water stains at all.
  3. Is is easy to apply yourself? Can you mess it up?
  4. I never apply anything on my bags. I am interested in hearing what members do to theirs, I'm afraid that I will do more harm than good if I were to do it myself though. A leather expert can certainly do a great job.

    Kimber, I'm so glad Margaret's Factotum was able to remove the stains for you; they are recommended by many major retailers here. Do you mind telling me how much you were charged? In case I ever need emergency service.

    I will be taking some of my bags to Margaret's for cleaning soon. I have heard many postive comments about them. The manager of my local Nordstrom said that she sends her bags (those in heavy rotation) there for cleaning every 6 months or so, she is extremely happy with the results. An employee at Tod's brought her really worn bag there, it was restored to new condition. Chanel's store manager sends her clients there for services too (redye their white bags, etc).
  5. It was $134 to remove the stain( I don't know what was involved with that, but it was a really bad one. I thought it was ruined for sure.),apply repellent and the shipping back to me, I am pretty sure they had to re-dye also. I thought that was really reasonable.
  6. I am scared to apply protectant myself. I am afraid of ruining the bag. I am considering sending my bag back to margarets just because I know they know what they are doing. I don't know anyone local and I am scared to trust just anyone. I don't know. I just don't want to get water spots or stains and I just want to use my bag without worrying so I am pretty sure I am going to do it.
  7. Kimber, members said that repellant helps/works, wait for more responses from other members. =) You can ask Margaret's for an estimate on repellant application before proceeding.

    I remember you mentioned that the bag was in a very bad condition at the time, I'm glad everything worked out. It's amazing what experts can do. Is the odor gone too? Is the color the same as when you got it?

  8. It is not absolutely perfect, but I had a hard time telling so unless you are absolutely looking for it you cannot tell.
  9. I just bought a black blake and I was wondering if I need to put a stain/water repellent on it. Do you think this bag will be alright without spraying?
    Thank you!
  10. I think the stain repellent from Margaret's is only like $12.50.
  11. That's not too bad. Thanks for the info Kimber. =)
  12. I haven't applied anything on my bags yet.
  13. Thanks for your reply bag.lover This is my first MJ and I am loving my Blake!
  14. Z, I'm going to Wilsons today to get the leather protector. Do you use their Leather Care products like Leather Care Wipes and Suede Bar & Brush too?
    Wilsons Leather - Leather Care: Search for

    Thanks for the recommendations. You are my go-to person for pet/bag care. =) My babies owe you. =)
  15. I have some Vectra spray that I got to protect my Chanel bags so I tried it on my new tomato Blake. So far, so good!