About Spys!

  1. I know I may get some hatemail w/ this post. But does anyone think that the FENDI Spy bags are a bit hideous? It's such a monstrosity, no structure, no feet, the shape is like a small sized burlap sack with a little hidden pouch-gimmick on the flap, the thorny-overdone leather wound handles. It's more of the momentary bag, something you'd like for few months or so, it doesn't contain any elements of a "classic" bag like that of a LV or Chanel or Hermes. It may come in different colours and fabrics that seem cute. But I don't understand what the hype is about?? :throwup: I suppose I'm more conservative in that I stick to "classic" bags that I can wear when I'm 40 (I'm 22) like the LV or Gucci or Chanel. Maybe because I personally own and partial of the said brands. :girlsigh:
  2. Hi there,
    Personally, I don't take offence to what you said. To each is own. I do agree with you that it's safer to stick with classic bags but what's wrong with living a little?!;) And this is a Fendi sub-forum after all so I doubt you'll find many SPY haters on here.:flowers:
  3. I started out hating the Spy. Hating it with a burning passion, and not understanding what the big deal was. Other bags I loved instantly, like the Paddy and Dior Saddle. But the spy was the hideous toad.

    But there is something creeeeeepy about the Spy (what an apt name!). It sneaks under your skin without you being aware, like an undercover operator. One day you realize that you will stop at nothing until you have one. I don't know when this happened to me, but it caught me completely unaware. I kissed that toad.

    The leather, colors, texture, and the defiantly slouchy, casual shape make it luxurious and desirable. And this is coming from someone who used to hate them.
  4. absolute lvaddict is right "to each is own" but this is a fendi forum and people who likes & loves spy engaged conversation here, if you happen not to like it thats your own opinion :smile: i happen not to like it before but now i want one lol :smile:
  5. I was aware that I am entering SPY-fan territory, however my intention was find out why girls love the SPY line. And I know that different strokes are for different folks. Decophile, that was a humourous response. Which reminds me, I do love the Dior Saddle line, very whimsical of Galliano; I have yet to find one issue where the colours match perfectly so that I'd buy it. ;)
  6. You see absolute, kaka is another person who didn't like Spies and is now on a fervent hunt to buy one. It happens to many of us. It may yet happen to you! Hold on to your wallet coz it's gonna hurt! YOW!!

    And good luck kaka. If you see my thread on metallic spies, you'll know I found one rather cheap (relatively). But I need more!
  7. I loved it the first time that I saw it, have loved it since I bought it, and thinking about it now makes me love it a little more!! I think it is a gorgeous bag...definetely not in a constructed shape (i.e. feet, handles, etc...), but that is what I love about it. The soft, slouchy look of it is what makes it a gorgeous bag IMO. Thank God, we don't all love the same kind of bag, cause then there would be even more people toting this one around.... :smile:
  8. I agree word for word - join us!!
  9. I feel the same and I am..40 ish..lol and love my 3 spies!!:nuts: :love: :love: :love:
  10. absolutanne, I was exactly like you when Spy first came out. It looked like a giant dumpling to me. BUT seeing it IRL soon later, I just fell in love with the gorgeous leather and everything of it.

    A few months back, I also suffered a slight withdrawal from my black Spy (as in: getting tired of it). But now, I just can't stop carrying it! I dunno why, but I guess that's L-O-V-E! :yes::love:
  11. I thought the spy was hideous when I first saw it IRL and then all of a sudden I wanted one so badly. So I caved in and bought one. :yes: Why fight it I say and joined the dark side...hehehehe

    Wonder if this forum have anything to do with it.......:graucho:
  12. I like the leather that the Spy bags are made of and the shape. I will say this about Fendi, you are not going to find a lot of boring routine stuff. They definitely like to shake things up with patterns, colors, sequins, flowers, squirrels - you name it. They do have bags done all in the traditional Zucca line, but for a "keep it classic" person, maybe Fendi isn't the designer for you.
  13. I first saw the Spy on some entertainment show and they were talkin' about it being the latest "it" bag. I thought it was ugly. They opened up the secret compartments n' I thought it was gimmicky...and still ugly. A year later, I see it in Saks. The sales person shows me the secret compartments and I WAS IN LOVE! I didn't get the bag, but couldn't stop thinkin' about it. I love things that do things. Example - my fav sneakers (and it has nothing to do with comfort) are KangaRoos. Why? Cos of the pockets! So this bag, with its little gimmicks... Like, if James Bond was a chick, she'd carry a Spy. Long story short, I just love it now.
  14. Hehehehe, my son would agree with you. He says my baby Spy "looks like a poop!" I like classic bags (I love LV), but they can get a little boring sometimes. I like the Spy because it's really unique, not stuffy, and not afraid to be different.
  15. I actually liked it when I first saw it on someone's arm. I loved the braided handle and how it hung...and then it made a 90 degree turn and I was like yikes! Why did they put that big long handle on there. Now I love it. Go figure...and I'm approaching twice your age and am not trying to be 20's hollywood either. I don't even like the typical "classic" bag so I don't anticipate it falling into that category unless the stereotype evolves into something other than the same old square structured bags. I'm not interested in bags people constantly classify as something my grandmother could carry, although I think anyone can carry anything at any age and still look great.