About splitting payments on paypal with an ebay purchase

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    I was compulsive and purchased a 2.55 caviar with a glance and a click as it ended in 8 secs T-T

    It was over my credit limit but I wanted to pay half on my credit card just to have some sort of extra protection.
    I think the only way to split payment is to have a paypal balance(?)
    so I transferred money from my bank to paypal right as it ended but according to paypal I need to wait 3-5 days for the money to get through. I messaged the seller right away explaining this situation, she said in the posting that she is a tPFer as well, I hope she can understand and really hope she doesnt think im trying to scam :sad:

    based on your knowledge, are there faster ways/other ways to split payments/previous similar experience in purchases? I know I would feel uncomfortable if I sold someone a couple thousand dollar item and is told I had to wait days for payment...

    also, I have read about the money pack from paypal, but their page-long fine prints make me feel uneasy, esp the part about there being a purchasing price and a fee after a year of purchase that was listed on the very bottom. So I will stay away from this option.

    p.s I have just noticed the seller changed the shipping from $16 something (when auction ended) to $20 (about an hour later)...any reason/they are allowed to do that?
  2. Can you do a pay-it-later option via paypal?

    I would not do a split payment -- you lose eBay buyer protection if you do that.
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    no I mean like how sometime they would take out all the money in your paypal balance and charge the rest on your card, not splitting between your bank and credit card.

    o:huh:oh the pay it later, sounds pretty good, but they run a credit check :sad: that would slow down my credit building right?
  4. I don't know if I'm completely comprehending what you're asking.... but I think this is the answer to your question? If you have your credit card or bank account attached to your Paypal account, the money will be taken out of your Paypal balance first, and the rest will just be charged to either your card or your bank account (depending on how you set the options for your second line of payment). You don't necessarily need to manually transfer the money to your Paypal account. If you just attempt to pay, you should see that $xx will be taken out of your Paypal account and $xx will be charged to your second line of payment. Then you don't need to wait 3-4 days for the xfer process.

    By the way, sellers are not allowed to change the shipping cost after the auction has ended. It's possible that there were two different types of shipping services quoted, and you'll just need to tell her that you want the cheaper shipping option associated with $16.
  5. Update from above ^:
    Oh wait... I think I may have misunderstood slightly. Are you saying that you currently have no money in your Paypal balance and you can't pay 100% of the balance with your credit card? You can change your Paypal settings to directly siphon money from your bank account if that is the case. So set your second line of payment to your bank account rather than your credit card.
  6. "Looks like we're unable to authorize your purchase using Bill Me Later®"

    received this twice, I looked it up and seems like its happening to alot of ppl, many frequent paypal users. Seems to be a problem on paypal?

    I hope I didn't just send over all my ss info for nothing.....
  7. but I want to pay half with my card, thus I am waiting for my paypal balance from my bank :smile:
  8. Ohhh, I see what you mean. Like in case you need to do a chargeback. I guess that means you're out of luck! :giggles: And even if you split payments, she wouldn't get the money until after she sent the package out, which she couldn't do until you send her all the money... so I don't think that would do much good to her either. At least you told her, which non-paying bidders don't do.

    Oh wait! I thought of something else. If you know someone (like a friend or family) that has a Paypal balance in their account, they could send you money and you get that instantly too. But then... I guess that's kind of like borrowing money, too.

    (I don't think they necessarily need a Paypal balance either. I think the send money feature should be instant even if they are sending it directly from their bank. Not sure about that though)
  9. I think that would take just as long.
    I never keep a balance in my paypal and always prefer to use my card to make purchases. I transfer them out as I get them (since paypal will not allow you to use a card when there is a balance) I just thought it might be better not to use a couple thousand straight from my bank - - Maybe I'm thinking too much.
  10. Can't you make a payment to your credit card, opening up credit available? Payments to my cc post immediately.
  11. And by the way, your seller cannot change the shipping amount unless she
    is giving you a shipping option involving USPS one amount UPS another amount &
    you pick the service you want...(for example)

    Can you post a payment to your cc.. it reflects usually within 24 hours
  12. This happened to me to and I had plenty of credit to cover the purchase. I called and they just asked me some security questions and then released the funds. It's probably just for security measures, I would call them.
  13. Well, I was thinking more along the lines of someone sending you say $500 to your Paypal account (in which case the funds show up instantly) and then you using your credit card as your default payment option for the other $500.
  14. I have done that as well, unfortunately its gonna take at least 2 days, lol. Thanks for all your help! I am glad the seller is ok with this since I have kept good communication :biggrin::biggrin:
  15. I have found out there seems to be two methods of shipments, but I don't see when or where I chose one 0_0 but either way 20 is not too much different than 16 and I'm totally fine with that now that I know you can add different shipping methods :biggrin: