?? About silver/gold Les Marais Flap

  1. I just bought the gold/silver Les Marais flap...but when I opened it it didn't look anything like the one I saw at NM.

    The one I saw at NM lookedmore white/silver


    Like this one.

    See mine below looks gold,very gold. Is there a silve rand a gold flap? I thought there was only one, and the color gets labled black?

  2. I was very interested in this bag and almost purchased it for Saks EGC...
    I first saw this bag at bloomie and thought its silver... then i saw this again on NM catelogue and it is very gold in the pic... so i called NM and was told the color on the catelogue is not correct... the SA told me the color is between silver and gold... due to the black smudge, it also look like 'black' gold...
  3. The one I saw at NM did not look as "bright" gold as the picture you show. Is it just the flash, or is it "bright" gold?? I actually think it is quite nice.
  4. The Les marais only comes in gold (named black), black and brown I believe (Ladies correct me if i'm wrong). I've seen the gold in person and it's a light gold - very pretty and soft. Congratulations on your new bag! Are you happy with it?
  5. The one I saw at NM looked more lik ethe picture. It had more white speckled into it, and looked more like a silver/white bag with a hint of gold. The one I have is very gold looking, and pretty true to color as in the picture. It almost reminds me of the matte brush gold lambskin leather flap that was out last year.

    Its a cute bag...but I wanted a more silver one like the one i just saw at NM :sad: I just was trying to decide if it'd be worth even trying to locate a more silver one. Gold just sin't quite my thing.
  6. I noticed the same thing too shmoo88! There seems to be a lot of color variation in this bag. The one I bought from Nordstrom is very golden like yours. There is only 1 gold ("black/gold") color in the Les Marais flap, but they all seem to be different. Some have much more black in them than others. Others are more silvery. Yours and mine have virtually no silver tone to them. This has been bothering me too because I tend to prefer cooler colors. :confused1:

  7. Hi shmoo88, yes I think this color varies a bit from bag to bag!! I saw one in NM Copley Place, Boston on Thursday, and it seemed quite silvery (with a hint of matt gold), maybe you can call them up and ask for some photos, so you can decide whether to exchange it? Hope that helps!
  8. hmm your bag is definitely more golden than any of the ones i've seen IRL. it's gorgeous though...i love the matte gold. can't wait to see it in person when i see ya!
  9. Looks so pretty though. What color is the hardware on this bag???
  10. haven't seen a gold Le Marais IRL only brown so far!As far as I know and from pics I've seen there's only one gold(black -gold) shade just like the one you got!
    I find it very beautiful though!:yes:
  11. I have this bag, and although mine looks very gold in the picture, it's really more of a silver/gold color. there's a hint of black underneath, giving it that vintage quality. The hw is silver, like a blackened silver (dirty silver :lol:, LOL).

    If it's not the exact color you want, then try to find one that is, don't keep it if the color isn't the way you want it to be.


  12. Mine is a silvery gold, & really goes with both gold & silver because of the brushed silver hardware. I saw the same pic in the NM Christmas catalog, & it looked much more "gold" than mine. I agree, there seems to be quite a bit of color variation on this bag.
  13. So strange...I didn't realize how different they are. They one I saw in NM definately looked predominately silver, with flecks of gold. I guess that is really what I had my hear set on, and I worry abou sending the bag back and forth.....I don't want to drive mY SA nuts.
  14. ^^question for you girls with the le marais in this gold color...did you notice any tendency for peeling or cracks in the leather on the edges or near the stitching--nothing major but minor little parts of the leather peeling or there being little cracks...just wondering if thats just part of the vintage look and the nature of this coloring of the gold/black?