About shopping at LV...

  1. I was wondering...because in november im going to go buy the damier azur mini pochtte,but what do they give you??i mean do they give you a authentication card...and a care booklet and a box for the mini pochette or not..?i was just wondering,i hope you guys understand my question lol :smile:
  2. i dont think LV gives out authentication card? they do give out dustbags and boxes.. and those "tags".. if it was a more fragile line (MC, panda, CB etc) they'll give you a care booklet.. :smile:
  3. I am not sure what you get with this line. If I were to guess, you would get neither an "authenticity card" nor a care booklet. All of my purchases have come in a box and came with tags placed in the boxes. I personally just throw the tags in a drawer.