? about returning a picture key fob

  1. I bought a mini skinny and a gold picture frame key fob at an outlet in April. I have changed my mind and read that I could return them at a boutique since it's about 10 minutes from my house and the outlet is an hour. I have the receipt and want to get a merchandise credit, will it be in the form of a credit card? I wanted to hold on to the credit and use it in August at an outlet in either Florida or in Puerto Rico while on vacation. Also, key fobs don't have tags on them, does that matter?
  2. Yup...it will be in the form of a credit card. It's great because you will not have to worry about a receipt that you may lose or the ink fades.
  3. Ugh... I have to do the return walk of shame today as well. I know its ridiculous, but I actually feel BAD for returning things!! Even if I know they are never going to get used, and just sit in my closet!!

    I am trying to be good this week though....... so back to Coach goes a wristlet that I have never used - and never will, as well as some unused makeup to Sephora. :rolleyes: You always feel better when you return things that you know you'll never use, its just the process that is kinda not so fun... :p
    I have 4 bags sitting in boxes that I have not used because they are too small.
    I've decided to buy either off of eBay or f&f and I'm dreading having to return them.
    I'm actually considering driving 4 hours out of the way just the do the return at another store.
    Returns are so embarassing. :sad:
  5. LOL... I was thinking about this today... I need to return somethings to Sephora, so it would be most logical to go to Somerset... but it is like a walk of shame going in there to return stuff, because the *some* of the ladies recognize me, so they are like "WHATcha up to...? What do we have here? You need THIS instead!"

    No... actually I need to quit buying crap I KNOW I'm not gonna use!! :roflmfao:

    I'm going to the mall in Novi tomorrow, so I am actually considering driving down to Troy today to go to Sephora & then going to Novi tomorrow...

    I don't know though!! 4 hours!! With gas at $3.00+ a gallon, I would probably just take the regular store shame. :sweatdrop:
  6. lol i hate returning things! the SAs are like "so i see you walked in with a COACH shopping bag . . ."
  7. :yes: I hear you!
  8. I'm the same way!! I always feel so bad when I have to return something to Coach. Ugh! And that's exactly how I feel about it, I feel like I'm taking the walk of shame. :s I don't understand why either. Everything I return is new with tags and the receipt. :/
  9. Holy crap - I've done the SAME THING!! I just feel so bad for returning things that I purposefully go to a different store for the return. I'm sure that one store wonders why I'm always returning there, without buying in that same store. :p
  10. There seems to be a lot of buying and returning going on. It must be an equal and opposite reaction - for every post about a purchase there is a post about a return - do you think that is how the universe stays in balance???
  11. shoulderbabies - Quite possibly!!! It would explain a lot! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: At least all the returns on my end, that is. :lol:

    glitter8188 - :lol: The SAs are the same way with me whenever they see me with that Coach bag walking back into the store.

    I swear though - I always thought I was just being weird and paranoid about my returns. It feels good to have some kindred spirits in all of this. :nuts: