About replacing everything Vachetta on a Speedy

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  1. I was looking at my Speedy yesterday and I concluded that it's time for a major makeover.
    The canvas it's in great condition so I was thinking about replacing everything (handels, leaves, trim - actually just the handels are yucky but I don't want 2 colours of vachetta on my bag :wtf: )
    I'm In Montreal so I was wondering if a fellow Canadian TPFer had this done and how much $ would be?
    Thanks a lot
  2. Give your store a call, they will be able to give you the estimate cost .Jojo did it to her speedy, it's total make over like brand new bag. It's almost half price of new speedy.
  3. Thanks sweetie - I was thinking the same thing - why bother with selling on Ebay (I would not get a good price either since the handels have some ugly spots) and get another one, when I just replace some parts?
    I'll give them a call and let you all know.
  4. ^ cool..you will be so happy with it after make over..

    I took the liberty showing Jojo's speedy before and after make over (she's busy shopping in Miami right now )





  5. Well....it seems like I need to think of something else since it's about $500 (CA) to replace everything :crybaby:
  6. Wow..that's almost the cost of brand new bag..:sad: that's crazy..
  7. Yeah - I was thinking the same... it's $464 + tax (we have 14% tax here lucky us)
    Thanks for the pics - it looks tempting but it's to $$ :crybaby:
  8. To replace all the leather parts for speedy, it costs around $300-350. Perhaps you can try baby wipes first?
  9. that is awesome before and afters Nita....thanks for sharing
  10. I had just the handles and chads (where the handles attach) and the pull tabs and leaves on mine done - it looked just gorgeous! That only cost $145.00. It's the piping that makes it cost so much. On mine anyway, the piping wasn't all that dark and you don't really notice it.
  11. I hope this works - here's pictures of mine after the $145.00 overhaul.

    quote=charleston-mom;1114565]She's gorgeous again. Took 9 weeks and $145.00 - but look!

  12. ^ looks great charleston mom!!
  13. This is a little OT, but do you think that the price for repairs vary from different boutiques? I never really thought about this until I replaced the lining on my bucket a while back. What I was charged greatly varied from what other people have been charged on ebay (and I've seen their receipts).

    So perhaps changing everything on your speedy might be cheap as well? You'll never know unless you ask.
  14. Thanks a lot for your answer - The piping (the entire vachetta parts actually) it's a dark honey already so it,s a big difference - I think that I will take the Speedy to the LV boutique and ask prices for different options - if just the handels+chads+pull tabs will be around $200 (canadian) I would consider it a good price and replace them.
  15. hey Hirondelle i dont have anything to answer to your question that these ladies havent already answered i just wanted to say hi because im in MTL too :P :smile: !