About Red Epi Roll bag

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  1. Sorry, I don't remember what is the name of the "roll bag" in the epi line...but, is the Red epi line going to be discontinued soon? Is it true that now the Red epi roll bag will come in only SILVER hardware?? & the Gold hardware will discontinue? I was at an LV counter yesterday & I still see the gold hardware red epi roll bag. If the gold hardware will be discontinued, then...I need to get it soon. Thanks a lot! :yes:
  2. That bag is called the Soufflot ;)
    I think LV is starting to use silver hardware on some of the Epi bags...although some bags with the gold hardware are still floating around. The latest Epi colour, which was Cannelle, only came with silver hardware, I think.
    As for the red Epi being discontinued...I wouldn't be surprised if they did, since the white Epi is due next year, they tend to discontinue a colour then introduce a new one.
  3. Hi, Karman...thanks for the info! :yes:
  4. Grab it while you can! My red epi speedy has silver hardware! IN addition, I'm not sure if red will be discontinued or not....it could be Canelle that is discontinued.
  5. Karman is spot on.....I doublt they will ever disc. red or black