about putting your name on the wait list....

  1. When you put your name on a waitlist at LV...do you have too give a deposit or something?

  2. No - just your credit card number and name and address, of course.
  3. Okay great thanks :smile:....but what do you do if you want to pay with cash..?because im 15 and i have cash saved up for a damier azur mini pochette?but i can always ask my mom for her credit card and i can pay her.
  4. The credit card is just to show you are serious. You can pay cash when the item arrives. Makes sure you tell your SA you want to pay cash.
  5. Oh okay thanks :smile:
  6. Hmmm. I just put my name on the waitlist for the Groom Collection Agenda and as far as I know the SA only took my personal info but NOT my credit card. He was the store director so I assumed he knew what he was doing. Perhaps he just took the CC number that I gave him while paying for my cles... hmm now I'm curious
  7. I think the managers have more discretion because I never give my cc to be on the waitlist. They call me the day the item comes in and they know I'll be there the next day to get it. They know I'm hooked. :lol:
  8. Yeah--when I put my name on the wait list for the miroir pochette the SA didn't ask for my CC #?? I would've been a little hesitant about giving it out anyway.
  9. :yes: just your name and your valid contact number so they can call you as soon as your bag arrives.
  10. ^ yes when i stupidly put my name down for the lv coral pendant (which i cant afford but am in love with) they just wanted name and number
  11. waitlist means.. you get the priority than a regular customer to see the product when the product arrives.. but doesnt mean you book the stuff.. so if u really interested u shud pay deposit either cash or cc.. but if u pay 100% the product will be yours 100%

    hope it helps :biggrin:
  12. It depends on what you are getting. For some of the bags you have to put down a 50% deposit. But for most of the bags you don't. They just take your name, address, number info.