About price for chanel petite shopping tote

  1. Hi
    I would like to know how much a chanel petite shopping tote costs so that I know how much to sell it for on eBay. This is because I seem to be selling it too cheap and I think people may be thinking that it is a fake for that reason.
  2. i got my pst last week for $1150 plus tax.
  3. They were $1150 pre-priceincrease, not 100% sure what they are now, the increase was just this month.....
  4. mine was $1,550.
  5. But that's because yours was the zip top, right?
  6. oh yes! sorry. :idea:
  7. the one with the zip top for $1550 is that the current retail price or was it included in price hike any one know? Many thanx in advance if anyone can help ;)
  8. without the zip I think it is $1,250
  9. I was lucky to get my for $1,095 at NM.

    I think they're $1,250 now.
  10. I just bought one yesterday from Chanel NYC in black.....new price is $1250 plus tax, of course!
  11. the one with zip top current price after price increase is 1750 usd+tax.
  12. thanks! i am thinking of picking one up while in NYC. Do you remember if they had any other colors?

  13. I believe mine was $1395 ($14-something with tax) last November/December. It is the open-top one in red lambskin.
  14. it's currently now 1750
  15. Seriously? When did the price go up??? Oh no! I thought it was $1250!:tdown: