? about Poppy Denim Glam Tote

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  1. I am looking at the Poppy Denim signiture Glam Tote at the online sale. Is it a delete?
  2. Yes it is a delete, not a made for factory. As far as I know there are no MFF glam totes.
  3. Thanks!!
  4. There are mff poppy purses but they're not called poppy purses they just have basically the same designs but without being called poppy and without some of the extra bells and whistles a poppy purse would have
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    It's a delete! I got mine from the fos too. Haven't used it yet, it's still in that "I'll put you in my closet and gaze lovingly at you regularly" phase, lol.

    Edit: oh darn. I guess I jumped the gun. Mine is the "canvas" not the "denim". But I'm pretty sure all the glam totes are deletes too.
    image-38172049.jpg image-2559851233.jpg image-3553169562.jpg
  6. Thanks so much for the pictures! I was looking at that one too!