? about pony scarves

  1. What do you all do with the tag? I'm assuming that it's just there for a place to put the hang tag because of the way it's tacked down, but I don't know. I just bought the watercolor stripe one, and the tag is on the "good" side.

    I still am not sure if I'm going to keep it, because I don't really have a purse it goes with.
  2. I feel guilty every time I do it, but I cut mine off. :push::hrmm: Actually I use a seam ripper, so there is no risk of cutting into the scarf!
  3. I cut mine off too, very carefully. I have 2 ponytail scarves so far and both of them are different on both sides so in order to use both sides, I had to remove the tag. I don't feel bad about it at all though. The tags I've removed are always held on by only a couple loose stitches anyway so I've always assumed that they were intended to be removed.
  4. My watercolor scarf tag started falling off right after I bought it. I hadn't even used it yet, so I agree that they must be barely tacked on so they'll be easy to remove.

    The only bummer seems to be, both times I've gently cut the tag off, there seems to be a slight snag in the scarf where they were tacked.
  5. I feel guilty every time I cut mine off! But I always do. I, too, use either a seam ripper or a pair of cuticle scissors or nail trimmers. The tags are tacked on very lightly so they're hard to remove, but Stoph, you're right; they still always leave a slight snag. It's not noticible, though, since it's usually right where you tie it around your ponytail or to the bag, or on top of your head.
  6. ^Yeah, except for some reason on two of them that I've cut off, the tag was right in the middle so when I wear it as a headband it's front and center. *sniffle* It's alright though, you're right that they're really small snags. It could be tons worse! I still love my pony scarves. I just bought the perfume print one last PCE, to add to my collection.
  7. I was going to get it, but the company-issued scarf for us last season was the big square silk perfume print scarf so I restrained myself, but I still wish I'd gotten it. I'm OCD about pony scarves; I have nearly a dozen now.
  8. I've got ten and cut it off of all of them. They sometimes leave a small snag but when I wear them I fold them in half lengthwise and it doesn't show. I usually only show the design side if it is double sided instead of the signature side. I keep envelopes for each designer item I get in a shoe box and put all tags and cards that come with them and that is where I keep that tag.
  9. I cut the tag out-- it's really just tacked down, so it's probably designed to come off. I don't feel that bad... no one wants to see the tag anyway!
  10. hahaa, I have couple of ponytail scarves. I bought them at an outlet because I thought they were pretty - but I've never worn them!! (bad habit!) this thread makes me want to dig them out.
  11. I never wear scarves, and yet for some reason I find myself collecting Coach scarves. I don't understand it. They're just so darned pretty!

    I want to look chic and wear nice clothes just so I can wear a scarf. Right now my daily uniform of jeans, sneakers, and t shirt really would look weird with nice scarves accessorizing them. I'm scrubbish. *L*
  12. Like I said, I'm the same way! It's so odd. It's like I just want to have them, and tell myself someday I'll wear them, but then I don't.

    I've only worn ponytail scarves two times. *L*
  13. Of course you can wear them with jeans and a t-shirt:yes:!!! I wear them in my hair as a headband with jeans, a t-shirt, and Old Navy flip flops. If you can wear a Coach with that, you can wear one of their scarves with that:okay:! You can always tie it on your bag. If you were to tie it around your neck, then no, you can't wear it like that. You just have to find the best placement and way to tie it!
  14. Oh yeah, the ponytail scarves I know I can wear with tshirts and jeans. I was talking about wearing them all chic-like around my neck and in super cool ways. :supacool: Like in the Hermes scarf books.