about Polyamide (waterproof) Keepall 45...special order...?!!!

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  1. Do you think they'll SO a keepall 45...


    with this leather...instead of the cow patinable leather?


    i think the patinable leather isn't for me...

    i loveee the patina!!! but...if i bought a keepall 45...i think i'll be tanning it

    for years...lol

  2. is this taiga leather? (the other side of the monogram canvas...)

  3. that papillon does not have patina. I think they used to make it out of that cross-grain leather they put into small accessories. I dont think they will let u special order with it though, I have never seen it done.

    Why does ur title ask about the waterproof keepall? they cant put leather on a waterproof keepall, then it wouldnt be waterproof.
  4. They discontinued that papillon years ago and I don't think they will do that kind of SO. Why don't you buy that waterproof keepall, it's bigger but will not patina.
  5. lol sorry about the title!!!

    i was going to ask this...and that...and now i can't edit!


    so you think they won't SO like that? :sad:

    monogram canvas + damier leather = NO too right?
  6. I doubt they'll let you do it but there is no harm in asking at the boutique. And I'm pretty sure they won't do mono + damier leather, people have asked about that before.
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