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  1. So when I buy a new bag, the patina should be light in color?? How long does it usually take before the patina will change the color? :s (darken)
  2. hundreds upon hundreds of people have asked this question. if you do a search you'll have hundreds upon hundreds of responses.

    anyway, yes, naturally the leather would be very light if you buy it new, and the time it takes to patina depends on how often you use it. if you use it every single day without fail, within a couple of months it will start to darken.
  3. I have had my speedy for three months, and it has changed quite a bit.
  4. Yeap:yes: it'll be light when new but when it's exposed to sunlight and air, it'll start changing within the first two weeks .(only slight).
  5. I got my speedy on Valentine's day and it still has a very light patina- I use it about 2 times a week, and keep it in the dustbag when it's not in use. It's light but starting to develop very evenly.
  6. Thanks everyone :heart: LV stuff is so addictive, I can't wait to own a LV bag! :wlae:
  7. It just takes time. The first two months I didn't feel like it changed much but now (I had it since March) it has a great patina.