About patent leather ...

  1. I have some MBMJ bags, but none of them are made of patent leather.

    What do you think about patent leather? Do you like it? Is it durable?

    I'd like to hear from you ... .

  2. I love it!! I think they'll be classic bags forever. I've had the bowlers and the elise before, but I think I'd like the hobo best. The wallets are very durable from what I've seen. If you can find one, I say go for it!
  3. I just bought a black patent hobo....I only saw it on line, not in person. I love the multi pocket style and it's more timeless than other styles. I'll post pics as soon as I get it! :smile:
  4. i love patent leather i think it is really sexy and sleek. durable too, just need to wipe it down often.
  5. I LOVE patent leather. It's not "in" nor "out" it's classic. It seems pretty easy to clean as well!
  6. OT but Iluvapples, I love how you did that signature! So cool.
  7. You said it! :love:
  8. I really love patent leather. My first MJ bag is a patent leather light gray stam
  9. Divas what is that first bag in your siggy? It's TDF!!
  10. I think that it is HOT! Not typical MJ, but it is the "Dégradé spray shoulder bag "

    It's a convertible clutch.


  11. Oh my..well well isn't that a little hottie.
  12. ^^Not for all, but that's why life is like a box of chocolates. :roflmfao:
  13. Well said Divas! LOL
  14. Love that convertible clutch! I have a L.A.M.B. convertible clutch, but this one is even nicer...love it!

    Ok...back to patent. I LOVE patent. I think it is classic, but edgy. It also wears really well and always looks new. I think it is really difficult to wear out a patent bag. Plus, you can just wipe it off when you spill something on it... a major plus in my book.
  15. i love the degrade convertible clutch! the design reminds me of a sleek jil sander bag. very different for mj, but in a totally good way.

    i like patent leather. for some reason, i can't bring myself to buy a patent leather bag, but i love them for shoes.