About PALERMO GM / TIVOLI GM in stock?

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  1. I am interested in TIVOLI GM or PALERMO GM or TIVOLI PM but they are sold out at the stores. Are they made in France? I wonder if anyone knows when they will be in stock again?!!
  2. I got on a waiting list for the Tivoli GM about a week and a half before xmas and i was able to get it for xmas. so i think you should at least get on a waiting list because they never know when theyre going to get a shipment of bags, thought ive heard rumors it may not be until February.
    get on the list though!!
  3. I know that in New Zealand and in Bangkok, Thailand they are sold out. I wanted to buy either and its all gone.

    My mum has a Tivoli Gm and its Made in France.
  4. don't worry, they will eventually get back to normal stock; it's the samething for Azur Speedy too. :yes:
  5. In our store (which is in Switzerland),it's sold out too but don't worry,in january,it's coming back soon!:tup:
  6. The stores were out of alot of stuff, I want a collar for my pup and they were all gone too.
  7. If you're in the states, hon, just call 866VUITTON. They have they're own stock or they can look up the stock of all the boutiques in the country and tell you if there are any out there. And yes, as the above posters have mentioned, they are both permanent bags so if you can wait til the craze dies down, it won't be such a pill to get one.
  8. I am on waiting list since 1st week of December for the GM was told they will not be back in until Feb 8th
  9. Thank you for the information, ladies. :smile:

    Since I am living in the U.S., I called LouisVuitton.com hotline... the lady told me that it won't be in stock until by the end of January. My local store's manager told me that Tivoli GM or PM was made in France for the first release usually... the second release won't be made in France anymore... :sad: It's just like another line of Neverfull (forgot the exact name)... the first release was made in France... the rest of releases is made in USA.

    He said if I want to something made in France, I have to go to Paris to get it.

    I know it has no differences (the parts are still made in France)... but I just want to have one which is made in France for my own preference.
  10. I am wanting a palermo pm too. I love the trivoli but really wished there was a shoulder strap with it as well.

    I don't want to wait that long!!!

    ETA: It says you can purchase the palermo GM on the LV website.
  11. i got palermo GM, did not pay attention to where it is made
    i guess it is made in USA, nothing wrong with that, support USA jobs
    i was on the waiting list for a week at Saks in order to get it, not too bad
  12. Just got the call from Saks - my tivoli pm is finally in!! I asked the SA where it was made and she said it was made in france!! whoo-hoo!! :yahoo: