? about Outlets

  1. I read on another thread that Woodbury is not a 'signature' outlet. I live near there, and I know that I've heard a SA say they usually do not get signature stuff. Which outlets are signature outlets???
  2. Typically, factory stores that are in close proximity to full-priced boutiques do not carry signature.
  3. That's what the sales associates told me too.
    The Tanger outlet in Long Island doesn't carry signatures either.

    We go to Lake George every year and now always stop at their outlet for the signatures.
  4. There are also lots in the middle of nowhere that do not carry signature.

    OP- there isn't a list we can refer you to, but if you call the outlet near you eventhough they are not a signature outlet they should be able to tell you the closest one. That was what the nearest outlet to me did until the new one carried signature.

    I actually haven't been in an outlet that didn't carry sig in awhile. Maybe they will eventually all carry signature?
  5. Both Vegas outlets carry sig and they are really close to a boutique. Well, Vegas is never "typical". LOL!
  6. just FYI, the San Marcos outlet DOES carry signature... that's where i got my bleecker signature small hobo in choc. for $88!!

  7. I'm glad my middle-o-nowhere outlet does. :biggrin:
  8. The Camarillo Oulet also carries signature, and it is within 15-20 miles of a couple of Coach stores.
  9. The Branson, MO outlet carries signature.
  10. Prime Outlets in Hagerstown, MD is now a Signature Outlet Store.