? about organizing a Speedy 30

  1. What about a purseket? I personally don't need a light in my Speedy but an organizer is sometimes necessary.
  2. Thanks for your reply - this is an organizer like the purseket only it has the little light as a bonus.

    I wonder if the purseket it's a better choice:?:
  3. I like the purseket because there are different sizes and I love the different designs. I should really get one for my speedy... :biggrin:
  4. OMG!!! Sometimes I do wish I had a light inside the speedy! That's a clever idea!!!
  5. I read some reviews for the organizer with the little light and apparently the pockets are not shallow enough and everything is falling in the bag.
    I think the Purseket it's a better idea...
  6. I don't know anything about this organizer but I have thought about getting a light for my speedy. Its a black hole and its very difficult to find anything in.
  7. That is really neat!
  8. I use pursket for all my bigger bags.
  9. I always cursed LV for making the interior of the Speedy deep dark brown, but at work I won one of those blue LCD keyring torch things. Voila! :roflmfao:
    I clipped it to the d-ring and now I can find all sorts in the gloomy of my bag (even in winter in Scotland at bus stops).
    So no more cursing....
  10. I have both pursebrite and purseket and the purseket is better, its' stiffer so it stands up better in your bag and the pockets are deeper plus you have your choice of sizes and colors-but I have my pursebrite light in with it.
  11. Now THAT is a great idea! (Must buy one of those lights immediately!)
  12. I def reccommend a pursket! for the speedy 30's use a large and for the 25 you can use a medium
  13. :biggrin: Ta. You can buy loads of different lights from camping type shops.
    Or if money is no object, you could buy the cute LV astropil thingy.
    (How good is the light in that? Does anyone know?):blink:
  14. I use a medium Purseket for my Mono Speedy 30 and it works great!