About opening a dispute with PayPal

  1. Well - it's not about bags but maybe you can help me with an answer.
    I bought some Aldo denim boots on Ebay and they came dirty (like stepping in the mud dirty). I contacted the seller and she refused to accept a return (she sad that it was not stated in the description that she accepts returns - but she did not write that she does not accepts them either so it's a "gray area")
    And now for my question : if I open a dispute with PayPal will they ask me for pictures of the boots (the pictures in the auction were to small to see the dirt)? Because I don't have a digital camera and I would like to take some pictures before opening the dispute.

    Thanks so much for your help
  2. see if you can borrow a camera from a friend. i do think you should have pics. i'm sure someone you know can take a good pic or two. first open the dispute and have pics asap. that way there is no argument that you wore them and made them dirty, kwim? i don't think pp usually asks for pics but i always have them in case i need them.