About my chamois Edith, help a girl out!

  1. Ok, I gotta confess. I sent the chamois Edith ('Barbra') back. Not that I didn't love her, but I knew I'd get that lining FILTHY and it would be a disservice to her! I hate buying bags that I can't use for fear of dirtying them (especially for that price), so I decided it was for the best. :cry:

    Sooo.... if anyone is looking for a decidedly non-Chucky scrunchy Chamois Edith, give Bill at Bob Ellis shoes a call tomorrow and stake a claim to it. If he has not received it, tell him his buyer from Seattle has sent it back via UPS and he should be receiving it either tomorrow or Thursday. (Phone 843-722-2515)

    I want to thank all the ladies who helped me locate this bag... and I know that you'll understand why I did this...

    HOWEVER :hrmm:

    after seeing various pics, I've decided that I want the chocolate instead.

    HAVE I GONE MAD?? :nuts:

    Do I have a chance at the elusive chocolate?

    Help redeem me, ladies!! :P
  2. Hey Roo, sorry to hear the chamois was not a match made in heaven:sad: but it needs to be to spend that much $$. I suprisingly quit worrying about getting my chamois dirty - but she's pebbled and perhaps a little tougher & darker? Dunno, but my fears went ka-poof! :biggrin:

    On the chocolate front, YES it's possible! I know because I snagged one a few hours ago off NM before I had to run out the door! :shame: I'm crossing my fingers that the order holds.... but I do see it pop up several times a week still... Anyway I had the oddest experience last week with whiskey Edith - I took the new, non-Chucky Edith out for a spin and perhaps I was wearing the wrong outfit but things just didn't feel 'right'. Love looking at it, but carrying it? Dunno.... maybe it's just not my color? It made me miss chamois. So while I'm on a quest for the perfect chocolate shoulder bag I thought I'd give chocolate Edith a gander. I've also got a chocolate JC bag coming from Saks. I LOVE CHOCOLATE! I'll keep my eye out for you Roo, and if I end up with one and it isn't a match there will be yet another cycling back to NM!:flowers:
  3. blugenie - do you have a Chocolate Muse yet? It's so beautiful and soooo chocolately....
  4. It's ok, Roo. I bought a chamois first too and ended up returning it. I just found it a little too pinkish toned for me. I would have liked it better if it was sandier like the one I saw. I ended up with a grey and a whiskey instead. And I'm still on the fence about the grey, even though she's absolutely gorgeous!

    I posted.. and realized I forgot to write what I had wanted to! The chocolate is an absolutely fabulous color. It's elusive but not impossible to get. I'll keep an eye out for you too!
  5. Keep your eyes peeled for the choco ladies... I really think that is the color for me. :love:
  6. I don't, Beaux - I know it's gorgeous :nuts: I ordered an oversized then chickened and canceled. My prob is I live in a small college town, work at the college, and sophistication doesn't exist. Ladies here even wear Birkenstocks on New Years Eve!! (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) :oh: But casual Chloe is soooo up my alley. I AM hoping to see a Muse IRL when we're in SF this summer :idea: and maybe that willl sway me! (note to self: save purse-funds for trip!)
  7. O pre-ordered a chocolate Edith and it will come end of June or July. It's already the fall colour but it doesn't look any different to the colour now. May be you could pre-order if you can't find one.
  8. Tanja, did you preorder yours at the boutique or NM, BG, or another store in your town?
  9. Sorry to hear, but it sounds like you made the best choice for yourself. You can definitely snag a choco. I (don't laugh) keep NM and BG open on my home pages and I check a billion times a day. I found one last week (the color is gorgeous, BTW!). Good luck!
  10. ^^Daisy, has your motherlode of Chloes (big chamois and choco) come in yet? Pics! Pics!
  11. You'll definitely find your choco with all the eyes looking out for one here;)
  12. Blu, YES! I have two LCs (large Chamois) and a choco. I'm definitely keeping one LC and choco! I managed to get 10% off the first LC because she had some marks that concerned me at first. I love her otherwise so she's mine. She's not as soft and fabulous as the one I saw in California but I'm really happy with her. And I LOVE the size!

    I haven't taken pics of choco yet but here's LC (she's much better IRL) with lil' C...
  13. (sorry for the hijack roo, but we ARE on your case!)

    Daisy your LC (LC, lil' C - how cuuuute!) is gorgeous! So what makes you love LC more than lil' C? (perhaps a new thread?)
  14. Hijack, away! :P ;)
  15. Hey Blu! That's a good question since the two bags are identical in color and I was turned off by Lil' C at first. I don't know... something about this bag in large reeeeeally works for me. Although I love the medium, the large is more quirky and fun and I really like the variation in texture on LC. Her pocket has that really squishy kind of leather. She looks better IRL than in the pics, they don't really capture her texture. I did grow to love Lil' C but I have made my choice. =)

    *nudge* :angel:

    Sorry, Roo!