About my amnio today

  1. I had my amnio this morning (16w 5d). I had tried to do CVS back around 13 weeks but my uterus was retroflexed too much for them to get to it. I'm 35, will be 36 when the baby is born. I have a niece with a chromosomal abnormality (just a fluke one, not hereditary, doesn't increase our risk) and a friend who has a baby with Downs, so I wanted to know for sure that everything is OK. I also would terminate if there were something seriously wrong (sorry if that offends anyone.)

    I found it hurt a bit more than I expected. This is probably because my expectations were a bit off -- after reading some of the posts, I had managed to talk myself into thinking it would be nothing, maybe about PAP smear level of pain. Again, it wasn't terrible, but I definitely felt the needle the whole time and was glad I had my husband there so I could clutch his hand. I would rate it about like a bad, long blood draw, where they don't quite get the needle in the right place in your elbow and you feel it and it's sort of pinching and hurting you, and then every time they change to fill another tube you get another little ow. It was worst when I was trying to be brave about it and talk to the doctors, and sort of laughed. That bit of ab contraction to laugh was enough that I had to stop mid-sentence and bite my lip instead of talking. (Note to self: best to not move belly while long needle is in there. On the bright side, you do get to see the baby quite a bit, and they were good about pointing stuff out. It was the first time I got to see it (which they think is a him now!) facing forward, had only seen from the side.

    I'm feeling pretty OK afterward. Minimal cramping, which seems to come up mainly if I move around. If I sit still, it's fine. I'm working from home today and tomorrow so I can lounge around a bit.

    The really hard part is that I have to wait about 2 weeks for my results!! My clinic (which I've whined about before) doesn't do the quick results unless you go in really late, after 20 weeks. I find this a little annoying -- I planned ahead to get the diagnostics done, so I get penalized and have to wait longer than if I waited until it looks like maybe something is wrong on the anatomical scan?? I wouldn't care as much, except I wanted the CVS originally, so I've already waited about 4 extra weeks. I know two more will go quickly, but it just seems so long right now...
  2. Hang in there! I had an amnio with my last pregnancy and the two weeks were my worst ever (I ended up at the ER with high bloodpressure and heachaces)! Try to stay focussed and positive and don't go online to read about all that stuff--read about bags and other fun things instead!!

    Sending you some positive vibes!!!
  3. I totally agree. Did you ask your doctor about the rapid results? It's not 100%, but it could give you an fairly certain yes or no, then you wait for the two week result. My last pregnancy was full of complications and any stress would have been tragic to the baby. The doctor gave me a rapid result within 24 hours that was 90% and then we waited for the two week. It is just meant to ease your mind a little and point you in the right direction. Ask your doctor if he can obtain that for you. Regardless, make sure you relax and rest. good luck...
  4. Sounds awful, you are a brave woman! Good that you have a couple of days to take it easy.
  5. I think pain level also has to do with how close to a nerve ending the needle goes. Honestly, when I had my amnio, it was the tiniest of pricks and I felt nearly NOTHING at all. Of course, I was in SEVERE pain from having a SUPER full bladder (I was 15 weeks 5 days), so that pain probably masked anything else I was feeling.

    I'm sorry, telling a pregnant woman to drink a large amount and then to make her WAIT and WAIT on an exam table is EVIL!!! I even got up to relieve my bladder partially because I thought I was going to die. The tech was skeptical at first I could only "partially" relieve myself, but I did... When she put on the ultrasound, she SAW how HUGE my bladder was... Actually, you know what? For about 3 days afterwards my bladder DID hurt from holding it in for so long!
  6. ^^I didnt have to have a full bladder for any tests I received during my pregnancy. Maybe it depends on the equipment being used?

    KimberF, hang in there I know how agonizing the wait for results is. I think I cried until I got my FISH results then I was ok until the official results. I, like you found the amnio experience unpleasant. For me the initial prick wasnt bad but my uterus contracted & that made it painful until the needle was out. Shoot, Between the contractions, my baby taking a swipe at the needle, & the Dr. showing me the needle/fluid I couldnt take it & puked, lol. It took me two weeks to feel good again after my amnio.