About Musette Tango

  1. I would love to know if the Musette Tango with the short strap works well across the body (messenger type):rolleyes:

    Thanks a lot
  2. I don't think so...I think the maximum drop is only 12":smile:
  3. Nope, I can only carry mine on the shoulder.
  4. i know this is way out of topic, but addictedtolv, your dog is soooo cute! +)
  5. for the Musette bags, only the long-strap version work as messenger bags :yes:. i have the Musette Salsa with the long strap, and here's how it looks as a messenger bag. please excuse the dusty mirror and gross workout clothes :lol:
    musette salsa 001.jpg musette salsa 004.jpg
  6. Gorgeous body:drool:
  7. thanks :blush:
  8. Thank you all - I still love the Musette Tango. I"ll have one soon and post some :yahoo: pictures