About Multicolor Pattern....

  1. I want to get a white multicolor pochette & a porte-monnaie plat. Will for example the green color "LV" locate @ the exact same location in every bag & wallet? or can I pick a certain color that I want to be on the front of the wallet? I hope this makes sense. :confused1: Sorry if I sound confusing! :shame:
  2. Well..you can look at a few in the store to find different locations of colors but it just depends. They aren't always at the exact same spot on every piece since it varies depending on how the canvas was cut.
    I'd just suggest looking at a few of the same bag in the store and seeing which pattern you like best.
  3. the color scheme differs in every item. if you go to the store the SA will take a few versions of the bag/wallet and let you choose which one you like.
  4. oh, thanks for the info! :P What can I do without you guys..? :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  5. This is good to know. As when I have enough for a MC Petit Noe, I'll see if its possible to get as much pink! :love: