About MiuMiu store in LA

  1. Hi girls and guys

    Im looking for a miumiu coffer bag for my girlfriend as her Xmas gift. Im just wondering that if there's a miumiu store around LA area? i have checked out on south coast, rodeo and beverly center, all of them dont have it. And i know there's one on Melrose Ave, and i went there, it's closed :sad: ...

    Plus. i went to Neiman Marcus's website for this bag, it says pre-order only.....

    i need your helppp

    i really want to get this pretty bag for her...

    best regards..

  2. If you order from Neiman's online site, you'll have it in time for Christmas. The rotten thing about them is they charge you when you order, rather than when they ship. But if they are saying by 12/07, I'd guess they know when a new shipment is coming in.

    What a nice guy you are--good luck!
  3. thanks very much and i will try to order online..may I also call the NY's store to order it?
  4. It wouldn't hurt to call and try. Online they take cc's other than NM and Amex. I don't know what the store's policy is if you phone them.

    Good luck!
  5. Ummmmm....that's weird....
    'Cause I have ordered mine on NM on line (the same thing....MiuMiu Brown Suede Coffer)and am wating till Dec.7.....and they have not taken out the money yet.....(i paid with my Bank of America Debit/Credit Card)...

    On the day of the order, it did show as a pending transaction(the amount was temporarily taken out), but the next day, it was put back in my account....so I called NM 1-888 number to make sure that my order is safely placed and it was~!

    I think they transact the amount before they ship....call them and find out~!
    Also, all Neiman Marcus is TOTALLY OUT of the coffers(in brown suede)

    They had one brown leather in store and one black leather on the way in NM san diego.....FYI...

    Good luck!:smile:
  6. thanks very much
    im gonna order from Neiman Marcus next week : ]

    thanks ya all!!
  7. And the good news, they are in stock now...no waiting!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. :shrugs: Why don't you guys get it from styledrops website?
    Those are real, right?
  9. I prefer NM rather than any other stores on line because NM has local retail stores as well as on line and if you do not like what you have ordered or something has happend to it, you can always take it back for refund, return or to get it fixed......

    On top of that I get the InCircle points w/ NM card for further use....:smile: