About Mini Lin.

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  1. Are those bags easy to maintain ?
    Is humidity damage them ?
    Are they fragile ?
    Can we use them like everyday bags ?

    Thanks... :p

    Sorry, if my english is wrong. :push:
  2. Hi! I have the mini lin speedy in ebene. I bought it at the beginning of June and have carried it every single day since purchase.
    I live in Northern IL and we've gotten a LOT of rain this summer so it's been quite humid (don't know how it compares to other parts of the world though) It has gotten ZERO damage - it is truly the PERFECT worry free bag! I've carried it in rain - the water beads right off. I bought a purseket so have very very little sag plus it's brighter inside easier to find things.
    I am very careful with my bags - not putting on the floor etc. I don't think it's very fragile though .. but am not going to test it though.
    So YES it's definitely an everyday bag!!! and your english is great - better then many of the people I deal with at work everyday that were BORN here in America! .. lol.
  3. Thanks for my english lol, I realy appreciate !!!
    You know I want to buy a Speedy, so I was asking myself questions about quality of Mini Lin...
  4. i have the mini lin bucket...it isn't as sensitive as i thought it would be...been using it everyday since i got it in may.
  5. I've a mini lin speedy in ebene and I love it! I use it a lot even when it rains. No problem so far.
  6. My mini lin speedy in ebene needs the least maintenance in my collection. I just LVoe it!!!!
  7. I was also concerned with the durability of Mini Lin. But my Speedy is truly low maintenance. It's been raining almost daily this summer, but I don't think the humidity is doing anything to my bag.

    I recently bought a really cute charm for my Mini Lin, now I love it even more.
    Pictures 037.jpg
  8. Great Bag easy to maintain just watch for snagging on sharp objects, but thats with any bag really :smile:
  9. Are those bags easy to maintain ? VERY! no naked anyone on this bag :yahoo:
    Is humidity damage them ? Not at all!
    Are they fragile ? Nope, i'm less careful with this bag then any of my others, and it wears well.
    Can we use them like everyday bags ? Yep!:yahoo: and whats nice about it is, it doesnt yell logo on it :smile: so its nice if you dont want a bag grabbing attention.
  10. I love the Mini Lin Speedy. I loved my Ebene one so much I just got the Dune one on Sunday. They are great worry free bags. No vachetta to worry about.

  11. Your doggy is so cute !!!
  12. I have both speedies too and if the mini lin gets dirty, a damp cloth will clean it right up. GO FOR IT!!

  13. Thanks so much!!!
  14. I LOVE my mini line 30 ebene! So light and gorgeous, beautiful, classy, I feel GREAT whenever I wear her. She was my very first speedy!
  15. quick question...is it true that the lock leaves a mark on this fabric? i'm looking at a mini lin on eBay (I've had it authenticated by mypoupette), and there is a dark spot on the side where the lock was (which is not included), and she says it's from the lock rubbing against the fabric. any truth to this? Thanks!