About MbMJ jelly bags ...

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  1. For those who bought this bag ... does it peel? Or is it a resistant material? :confused1:


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  2. I don't have this bag but I have a tote in this material!

    So far I've had no problem with it or peeling. I have *heard* that water got on someone's and it smeared!

    but i've taken my tote out in the rain and it's fine!
  3. Hi! Thanks for letting me know about it!
  4. i had this bag but i returned it cuz my dad said the material made it look very cheap compared to the smooshy leather bags. :sad:
  5. I want to buy a jelly wallet ... not a jelly bag ... but thanks for your opinion!
  6. My dad calls it my clown bag. When he saw it for the first time, he pointed to it and said "Where did you get that ugly thing?!". They just don't understand, :P

    I have the Lil Riz hobo and small wallet, and I love it. It doesn't peel, has been holding up very well, even though its been raining/snowing non-stop in NY lately! The wallet is very cool, and doesn't peel even though it gets thrown around in my bag. The green piping doesn't move really, and the green on the metal plate also doesn't peel. I got a good deal on mine from Barney's for $60ish, and the bag $199 from Piperlime.
  7. Hi, there! Thanks for your informations! :tup: