? about Mademoiselle locks

  1. I was reading the thread on the Chanel Cerfs and some of the Cerfs have a Mademoiselle lock. What does the Mademoiselle lock look like?

    I am starting to like Chanel again (I have a couple of the flap bags from the early 90s) and I'm trying to educate myself on all the different Chanel bags out there right now.
  2. sorry, I meant Mademoiselle closures...
  3. here you go.
    Img_3895.jpg Img_3907.jpg
  4. Thank you for posting pics! I understand what the Mademoiselle closure is now.
  5. Savannah - Do you own both cerf bags? Lucky girl! I love mine and I have the smaller of the two which I tote around just about everywhere I go. Thank you for posting the pics because now I can see the size difference.....which bag do you use the most?
  6. shopmom, thanks. I have used the black but not the tan one yet. I was saving it for spring/summer, I guess now is the time. I use my Cambon the most right now because I also use it as a diaper bag. That is my favorite bag of the moment.
  7. I can't wait to go to NM in Palo Alto next week to check out the Chanel purses!

    Savannah912 - you are an inspiration for me! I can't wait to get a Cerf tote now!
  8. Oh, you'll love it! So understated and chic....
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