? about LV Wish Bracelet

  1. Hey! I am totally drooling over a white MC Wish bracelet.:drool:

    My only concern is that I have a larger wrist, and would need to poke an extra hole on the bracelet.

    What do you guys think? Will the bracelet still look OK?

    Will is ruin it?

  2. I think it would look ok..are you planning on doing it yourself, or having someone else do it?

    I get holes poked in all my belts (to make them smaller), and it still looks fine. Slightly different situation but same in theory really.
  3. ^Thanks!!

    The only thing I am worried about is if I make the extra hole, that the strap will not be long enough to go through the two little "keeper" loops...does that make sense?!?!
  4. I would definately not do it myself. I would take it to a shoemaker or a leather specialist for the punching.
  5. ^LOL I am definitely going to take it to a professional! :smile:

    Do you think the overall look of the bracelet will be OK??
  6. I think it will be okay. There is plenty of space on the strap where the holes are located so, I think it will look fine.
  7. Thanks, you guys...

    after much deliberation, I have decided not to get it :sad:

    It is so cute...I just don't think I would really wear it as I don't even wear the bracelets that I have right now!! LOL
  8. ^I know what you mean. I have one that I NEVER wear. But, my DH who was my BF at the time wrote me a special message inside and I just love it for the sentimental value.
  9. ^^^^ Awwww.... what a sweetheart!!!! :love:

  10. OMG soooo sweet!!!!:crybaby: :heart: What a great guy...I guess you will be keeping him!! LOL:nuts: :roflmfao:
  11. I think I just might. LOL! :lol:
  12. Are you talking about the one I have with the bow? You can try it on next time I see you.
  13. Can I try it on too? :graucho:
  14. Thanks Stefania!! :smile:
  15. Awww...your DH is so sweet. I wish my bf would do things like that.