? about LV sunglasses

  1. I recently got the soupcon GM sunglasses and after about 30 mins of use they start to hurt that bone on the skull behind the ear. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Will the glasses stretch out a little? Do you think they could be adujsted at an eyeglass place? I called LV and they were no help at all..."well the store won't be fimilar with our frame and I'm not sure if they'll stretch" TIA
  2. This problem happens to me with certain frames of sunglasses - it certainly isn't an exclusively LV problem. It appears that a particular combination of the shape of your head and the shape of the frame of the sunglasses will cause this problem. This is usually eliminated by adjusting the frames at an optical shop. I would say you have two choices - visit an expert optical shop and ask them to adjust it for you OR you can simply return them to LV citing your reasons.

    I hope that helps.
  3. I am quite naughty with sunnies I must admit. :rolleyes:
    I always try to outbend it a little at a time, hold it for like a couple of seconds and then release....even with my Louis Vuittons. I did that with my Gina and Obsession and it works! BBut with alot of care!
  4. go to an optician and let them fix the right way for your head..
  5. my Gina hurt sometimes .. dunno why as well

    one thing, remember LV has 2 version sunny sizes, for Asian and for Western
  6. I think an optician or any regular eyeglass store can fix it for you, they do wonderful things with their little tweezers and pliers....
  7. if you go to an optical place they just heat the ends a little and then bend them into shape. if you are v v v careful you can do it yourself with a hair dryer in a low setting. i did this with both of my D&Gs and it worked a treat.
  8. My Bindis were tight on my head at first (I have a big head) but they are comftorable now.