About LV Box

  1. My boyfriend has purchase 3 bags and 2 wallets when he travel to Oz last year, but all the bags haven't boxes, may be he didn't request for them, since we both not know we could, and still new to LV

    I still got the recepit, can I go to my local branch to ask for one? or 3?

    I just start to addict to collect lv items, i want all my bags have a home...to live in

    anyone try to ask for a box after purchase?
  2. Usually SA's only box items when requested or if they are trying to go above and beyond for the client. If you asked your SA for them I think it wouldn't be a problem. It depends on the SA.
  3. I think it really depends on the SAs. If they are generous, they'll give them to you. Otherwise, they'll come up with various excuses. :rolleyes: I've never asked for boxes before but had asked for LV catalogue a few times, every time after I've made my purchase. Each time, they told me that they ran out of it. The previous catalogue I had, I don't even have to ask. The sweet SA offered to give it to me and I didn't even purchase anything that day! So nice of her! :love:
  4. last time my bf been giving all the catalogue they have at the moment, including the thick caltalogue of all the bags....
  5. I think this has been discussed a few times, but you shouldn't store your bags in the boxes because they get moldy or damp inside especially if you live in Asia where the humidity is like sky rocketing high. The bags need to breath. It's always nice to get a box and I always ask for one too, but never store my bags in them...
  6. Yea, the thick catalogue is the one I wanted coz I collect them. :shame: I don't care so much for the seasonal catalogues, though they did give me that.
  7. oh sorry, i forget to research before, the idea come in a rush, I haven't think before I ask

    I'm living in New Zealand, which world well known we got the best fresh air here.
  8. Some members here actually throw the boxes away or use them for something else cause it is not recommended for the bags to be stored in them. I just store mine in a dustbag.
  9. oh...then all bag lay inside the dust bag form a mountain?
  10. I did read the threads about storing bags in boxes are not recommended but I think it's ok if you use your bags regularly. It's just not good if you store them inside the boxes for a very long time. If you take them out once a while, it should be fine. :shrugs:
  11. i change my at least once a month....:nuts:
  12. good luck finding ur babies' homes :smile:
  13. I usually rotate my bags weekly so I don't see any problems storing them in boxes, plus I don't have a huge collection. Sometimes, I let the box left opened anyway. :P So it's pretty safe. Just don't let them in the box for a very long time, though I'm not sure how long is considered safe enough. :shame:
  14. I store my bags in boxes if they came with them and I'm lucky enough nothing has happened yet. However I'm only storing them in there until the wall unit of my dreams is finished.

    The woman is coming for an estimate tomorrow!!! Halleluyah!!!