About Lily

  1. Good evening fellow Coach lovers.

    Before Christmas, I broke down and bought the large Lily. I had it sent to me, and left it in the paper for 3 months. Finally Sunday, I broke down and unwrapped it and carried it for about 2 hours. SOOOOOOOOO heavy, and I didn't like the way it sags in the middle, and its so hard to get things in and out with the buckles and zippers. (DANG, wish I had bought another Miranda for that amount of $$$$$).

    Am I stuck with it? Can I return? I have the tag, but I took it off to carry.

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. How does it look? Does it look "used" at all? I would take it back and tell them you carried it for a very very short time but that it doesn't work for you. If it's in resalable condition and you find a reasonable SA or manager, chances are they'll take it back.
  3. Wow, you can eBay the bag, or if you know your SA well you can try to return and get another Miranda. I ended up getting the Medium Lily, i kinda though the XL LIly was a tad to big.
  4. What color is yours?? I also bought the XL satchel a bit ago in whiskey, and I'm not sure I like the way it slouches and looks on me to be honest. The weight does not bother me, but I am now used to carrying mostly heavy bags between the Legacy ones and my Abbeys. However, if I can come to terms with the look of the bag while carrying it (I LOVE it with the packing materials in it!), I'm going to be looking for a diff. Lily color since I already have so many whiskey bags. Please let me know if you decide to list on eBay!
  5. I would take it back and tell them you carried it for a couple hours and see what they say. Good luck!
    Miranda may be just as heavy...? Medium lily is so cute!
  6. Im Sure They Would Take It Back As Long As It Doesnt Have Stains Or Anything. Ive Done That B4. I Have An Xl Lily In Walnut The Way The Zipper Does The Stupid Fold Gets On My Nerves But I Couldnt Part With Her. Shecompltes My Collection, The Medium Is Cute Mines On Fed Ex Vehicle For Delivery In The Camel. If I Was U Id Just Keep Her Lol . Im No Help