About LE waiting lists.

  1. Sooo I was wondering, when it's your turn to see/buy the LE bag, after your SA calls you, how long do you have until they move onto the next person?

    I'm asking because when and IF they call me about Miroir, I'll most likely be at school and we're not allowed to have our cell phones on in class.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. My SA waits until I pass before she moves to another client.
  3. I feel a sick day coming on :idea:
  4. LOL!
    If I skip, and then they don't call, that'd be a bummer!
  5. Karman did you go to LV and put your name down for a Miroir!!!! :biggrin: I love how the Papillons look in this line.
  6. Yes I did, for the pochette!
    Because that is the only one that I can afford, probably! :lol:
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gold papillon, but I can't spend $1300 on a bag...just yet!
  7. I love how the Gold Papillon looks, and the Silver Papillon. Thats the papillon I would want!!! But again, I can't buy anymore LV for a few months now. :crybaby:
    I hope they call you!!!!!!!!