??? about large Ergo hobo

  1. I just picked one up at Dillards, on sale...and I'm not sure about it. For those of you with this bag, does the turn buckle on the pocket bother you when you're wearing the bag? Right now I wouldn't say that it bothers me as much as I'm just aware of it being there. I wonder if the bag will soften up some with time and maybe I won't notice it as much?
  2. I have 2 large ergos and the turnlock on the front doesn't bother me at all. Both of mine are leather and the slouch just right. If you got a signature one it might still be a little stiff and needs some breaking in. Congrats on getting your ergo on sale!:tup:
  3. I have 2 ergo's & love the turnlock 100 times more than the gold snap.
  4. The bag will definitely soften up as time goes on. I got a medium Ergo Hobo in mid-July and have used it non-stop ever since. It is SO much softer now!
  5. Mmm I LOVE The Ergo Hobo, it softens up all nice and perty!
  6. I have the large ergo in the legacy leather and it has softened up with use. I do not mind the pocket but I do not carry much in there, mainly wet naps because I do not want it to bulge out. I think the big turn lock on it is very stylish
  7. Love the style - congrats on getting yours on sale!
  8. I have this bag and its just not working for me. Its not the turn lock I just dont care for the size.
  9. I own the Ergo Vintage Vachetta Hobo and the Ergo Patent Mahogany Hobo. Both have a turnlock on the front pocket and they don't bother me at all. I love both of these bags very much and the turnlock just gives it a bit of interest. Turnlocks are alos iconic when it comes to Coach as some of their earliest bags were made with Turnlocks.
  10. You probably won't notice or feel the turnlock at all. I several large ergo hobos, vachetta, white leather, red patent and bordeaux patchwork. I have never felt the turnlock. Besides, it's a very stylish detail.

    Enjoy your new purchase & congrats on the savings!
  11. I have the large vachetta ergo, and I love the turnlock as part of the design. It doesn't bother me any, and I love the bag can hold so much without looking like a 'big bag.' I also love that the design keeps things from getting lost in the 'black hole' of large bags! I hope it works out for you!