? about La Perla Bras

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering about La Perla sizing. I am a 36B and I am about to order one of their corset bras. I think it will be great to wear with some of my halters and other items. I hate bra straps...lol.
    I am wondering if their bras are true to size---run small/large etc.
    I find that I can wear a 36B most times but when it comes to some designers I have to go to a 36C or 34C...strange...

    Anyone familiar with their sizing. This would be my first purchase from them...
    I usually wear Calvin Klien, Le Mystere, Chantalle...and a few others....
  2. I'd like to know too. I've always admired their selection, but was hesitant to order b/c I didn't know how the sizing ran.
  3. Hopefully someone will respond. I really want to order right now but I want to wait until I get a couple of responses first! If not, I'll just place the order.......and see how it goes when it arrives...
  4. Okay, I'm ordering. It's a really great deal right now and I can't let it pass me by. I'll let you know how it fits when I get it Leelee!
  5. Oooooh, good luck to you! Where did you order from? I always see the prettiest ones at BraSmyth.com.

    Please let me know!:yes:
  6. I ordered it from Eluxury.com. They had a few great ones on sale yesterday and still have a couple left I believe. They appeared to have been going fast. Check them out to see if they have any nice ones left in your size.:smile:

    Elux already shipped mine out and it should be here on Monday!
  7. ^
    ELux is one of my favorite stores! Please let us know what you think!
  8. I love Elux too! Def. one of my favs. I will definitely let you know I can't wait to get it and try it on.
  9. Hehe, I just got the same bra! I'm hoping that the fit is normal too. I also got a wallet and a sweater :shame: I need to stop shopping!
  10. Update: I received it and it fits great! I absolutely love it. I'd say it runs true to size. I just put it on and it fit perfectly. I put it on the middle hook---no adjusting needed. I've had it on for a few minutes now just to see how it would 'hold up'..it's still in place and looking great. I'm wearing it under just a plain white t-shirt and it looks great!

  11. Oh, that's great news! I was anxiously awaiting your post with the "fit" information. Glad you like it....I'm going to order now. I've always wanted to try something pretty, but didn't know about the sizing. Thanks for the update, and enjoy your new purchase!