About international shipping cost...

  1. Hi, i have question regarding international shipping cost.
    im currently eyeing on this bag from uk, and the seller said the postage price
    for him to send the bag to australia is around [FONT=arial,sans-serif]£50.00 - £100.00.'
    Is it that expensive to ship to australia? or is the seller overcharging me?
    i really dont want to pay over AU$100 for just a shipping... i usually pay around US$30~US50$ shipping rate if i buy from us, but paying more than AU$100...seems bit crazy to me.
    So..my quesiton is, is there any sellers from UK, who ships to australia who knows the cheaper shipping rate? I think the seller is newbie ( from the feedback rating ) so i would like to recommend
    cheaper shipping rate that takes around 4~10 business day delievery...
    Thank you for your help!:yes:
  2. Hi Susu!

    I'm not in Austrailia, but I do a fair amount of dealing on eBay. What I suggest is to ask what shipping service the seller is using and then go check that website for their rates. I use a lot of USPS, and there's a page on there where you can input your information and get a price estimate.

    She also might be including insurance in that cost, too. That might account for the high price as well. But you should double check to be sure. (I know there are a lot of sellers on eBay who overcharge for shipping to make an extra buck! They are quick to do that because they don't pay fees on that part!) :sad:

    One more thing....I do a lot of overseas shipping and right now the cost is sky high!!! YUCK! They keep telling me it's the cost of fuel these days. *sigh* :shrugs:

    Best of luck with it all!
  3. Shipping from the UK is more expensive than that in the US. But [FONT=arial,sans-serif]£50.00 - £100.00 is too much. I lived in the UK years ago and that price can ship a trolley already!!

    Like [/FONT]
    Jaicienne said, ask the seller what service be used and you can probably check postage rate online.
  4. Shipping from UK using a trackable means with a delivery confirmation is pretty expensive. I was selling a Paddy recently and it would cost me about 75 USD to post it to US, for example. Okay so Paddingtons are particularly heavy but still.
  5. unfortunately you can't ship using airsure to australia, so either you'd have to get international signed for (which isn't trackable between leaving the uk and delivery) or then spring for parcelforce datapost (starting at £33.40 but i don't know for what weight) or another courier which is very expensive. i know that when i fedexed my bv bag to the US it cost £49 but it's very light.
  6. not sure how helpful this is but i sent a paddy to australia and postage was £63
  7. OMG that is way to much! check out www.royalmail.com for postage from the UK to Australia. I send all my international items Royal mail international signed for, it costs about £3.00 more than UK post can take upto 14 days to get to Australia though. And there is one a bit cheaper which is scanned not signature but you can recieve it within a few days! I sent a Gucci bag last week to Australia fully insured for £10.00, I told them it would take 2 weeks they had it in 5 days!