About groom

  1. Hi! A girl told me she read on italian magazine Vogue that in March a new line of bags monogram groom will be launched.
    As I've never heard of it in this forum, I told her it's not possible. Did I miss it??? :confused1:
  2. Yes, it launched last year. Go on eluxury.com to find it.
  3. But Monogram Groom bags....not yet....just small leather goods & accessories mostly :yes:
  4. Where? I mean bags like speedy etc not the small accessories.
  5. Last year...maybe she had an old magazine?
  6. i think she is refering to bags now, to go with the accessories! curious to see the bags, i would love a pochette to go with my agenda. :biggrin:
  7. I saw a lot LV collections here but never one of those bags, is there anyone who have it? Also, I tried on eBay and no finds there too apart from the small accessories!
  8. Yes, I mean bags like speedy, keepall, alma, and so on!
  9. That would be interesting..
  10. ooooooooooooo look !


  11. Are they real or fakes?? Did you just find the photos or know more? :smile:
  12. I made them a while back when the Groom came out, I soooooo wanted the Groom to make bags so I wanted to show PF members what they would look like. I wish they were real :sad:
  13. I would love a speedy but with the red and white stripes! :yes:
  14. I just called 866 and was told that they will not be putting the groom on any bags
  15. Thank you very much, it was so kind from you!! :yes::heart: