? About Florida!?

  1. Hey Everybo0dy, Well Im Going On Vacation Tomorow To A Place Called Daniton(defintly Not Spelled Right) Lol In Florida...its A Couple Miles From Tampa, Clear Water, And St Pete...just Wondering If Any 1 Is Familiar With It And Things To Do!? Thanks For Any Feedback Any One Cane Give
  2. I was born n raised in FL for over 18 years and I have no idea where Daniton is. lol. I know u said you might of spelled it wrong but I can't figure out where you mean.
  3. Beware--it's hot over there. :shocked:
  4. I think you might be talking about Dunedin. I have only been there once. It is a pretty small place but very close to Clearwater beach which is wonderful! Hit the beach, you will love it!
  5. Yeah, I think it's Dunedin.

    As far as what to do, Clearwater, Tampa, St Pete, and Sarasota are all within an hour of each other (maybe 1.5), so you can hit a few places in that area.

    Tampa - there's Ybor. I'd not go so much for the clubs cause they've gotten kind of cheesy, rather, there are some fun restaurants and cigar shops that you might like. I can't think of the cool spot for partying. I think it's called Channelside or something like that. It's about 10 minutes south of Ybor off of 618.

    Tarpon Springs area, (20 minutes north of Dunedin) has some of the best Greek food I've ever had. It's on the bay and it's beautiful.

    St Pete - The Salvador Dali museum is a must see. Very informative and breathtaking.

    Sarasota - The Ringling family (yes, the circus) lived down there, so you can still find their mansions on the bay. One or two is part of New College campus and the Ringling Art school, so you can just drive up and walk around. Also, there's a place called St Armands which is really nice. It's a circle with lots of nice shops and restaurants. Shop, get some dinner, then some ice cream at one of the 4 or 5 stores, then walk about 5 minutes to the beach to watch the sun set.

    Aside from that, just hit some of the beaches and relax. There's also a lot of parks and nature preserves. I think I recently posted a pic of me and the gf at Myakka park. It's really nice out there, but it's about 30 minutes south east of Sarasota, so if you're in Dunedin, it's like 2 hours away.
  6. i love clearwater beach. its my fav place in the world, so relaxed. they have pier parties every stalls selling crafts and performers, sand artists and stuff, its so cool. and Brits on the beach does the best seafood.
  7. Yup Dunedins Right! Lol....well Thanks Im Defintly Gonna Keep Ur Ideas In Mind! And Iv Heard About Their Greek Food So Ill Defintly Check That Out Too! Thanks Everybody!
  8. Hope you have fun. I lived in Tampa for three years. Clearwater and St. Pete have nice beaches. Tampa had some nice shopping, which I really miss now that I'm back in New Orleans. Unfortunately a lot of the restaurants in Ybor have been closing lately. My favorite was Dish and I was told it closed. :sad:
  9. Clearwater beach is the best and you should also go to International mall and Brandon. They have great shopping and its a very nice area in valrico/brandon. I own a house there :smile:
  10. whatttt DISH closed?!?!?! I been there twice and it was awesome!!!!!!