About fake sellers on ebay...

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  1. Regarding this, I have seen a lot of msges that says that the the seller hijacked that account and they are from Asia and stuffs...

    But how do you actually knows that they are from Asia and not within USA or Europe?:confused1:

    I just dont seems to be comfortable at people straight away pin pointing Asia....
  2. I think its because Asia and especially China seems to be the number 1 place for fakes to come from :yes:

    its not targeting asians to target asians is because of the high percentage of fakes that come from Asia
  3. Sorry, I'm one of those people say hacker from Asia but not claim that all of hackers come from Asia :smile: I open thread according my experience and so sad, I live at Java, Indonesia and major of hackers in USA are from Java... I don't know what's in their brain :s but my friends are studying in USA, they tell me, those hackers from Java hack people's cc details then purchase many high end LV and offer to other students from Indonesia to buy at 50% off :Push:

  4. Errrmm, okay. I never understand these people.


    Just a little upset whenever I see asia = fakes. ;(
  5. I agree with you in this case:

    Just a little upset whenever I see asia = fakes. ;(

    While then I notice many fake sellers/supplier ( emailed me via eBay system ) come from non-asia country and join with supplier from China so not all Asia are faker
  7. It depends where the information is coming from. Here in the US we've heard that most of the hacking that doesn't involve Ebay accounts directly is coming from Russia and the former Soviet Union countries. When I had my credit card number stolen last year, the first fake charge that appeared on my bill was from Riga in Latvia.

    As for Ebay, for the past few years there has been a HUGE problem with fraudulent auctions. Here in the US most of these are now blocked, but last summer Ebay was flooded with fake auctions for very expensive handbags like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, even Coach, listed as one day auctions with Buy It Now prices between 59 and 99 dollars US - usually from one-fourth to one-tenth of the real bag's actual price - and with very high shipping charges of between 25 and 50 dollars US. On some weekends, THOUSANDS of these listings would appear and as soon as forty or fifty would be removed, new listings would appear. Thousands of inexperienced and gullible buyers were cheated out of a huge amount of money. The same kind of auctions would also be listed in almost every category on Ebay - for computers, cameras, golf clubs, cell phones, anything you can think of.

    At first, all the fake auctions showed the item locations as being in China. Then Ebay started restricting Chinese auctions, so the crooks would change the location to try and fool Ebay's search engines. "Shanghai, Sweden" was one of the most popular ones the dishonest sellers used.

    Then when Ebay started restricting all one day auctions from China, the crooks began "hijacking" Ebay accounts from members in places like Germany, England, and the US. They would steal or buy lists of Ebay user names and passwords and just have their automated software go right down the list, always adding the next name in line as soon as one of their fraud auctions was closed by Ebay.

    All these fake auctions and "hacks" WERE coming from China. In fact, Ebay even asked some of the people who were spending all their free time reporting these auctions to call them "Asian fraud auctions" when we sent in our reports. Then the crooks started using sources outside of mainland China to run these auctions, but they began in China and are still associated with that country. That's why Ebay US do not list Chinese auctions that have the same warning signs as these fraud auctions any more. This kind of fraud auction started there, the stealing of other Ebayer's account names and passwords began there, and Ebay can probably trace what area of the world most of the current account hacking is coming from.

    If much of it is from China and other parts of Asia I am sure much is also from Eastern Europe. I have heard that it is much safer to run these frauds and hacks from China because many people in China and Asia use public computers and internet cafes to do it, because that way it's almost impossible to trace and because many of them don't have home computers or won't use them. Almost all the "Nigerian" scams and frauds are also sent from public computers and internet cafes.

    But it isn't surprising that the area of the world with the most people would also be the area with the most computer hackers.
  8. ^^ I agree. That public computer thing and lack of regulation is pretty hard to fight. I know for my personal website, I use a self-managed server (friend) that's been attacked by a south korean IP. I don't know why lots of these are associated with Asia...or if Nigeria will be dissociated from those money laundering scams soon...
    it's unfortunate. I remember a post where a tpf member spent half her year in Nigeria but didn't add that address because ebay might take notice.
  9. Fakes are exported to everywhere. I got scammed once from a ebay seller in Italy, the most unlikely places to find fakes.
  10. You should not be upset at all. Asia is a very big place, and China is huge!

    Another fact is that a very large percentage of Authentic Bags sold through boutiques all around the world are purchased by Asians...

    I live in London and have a Studio in Los Angeles and Asians in both places spend good money on Authentic Items.

    There is good and bad eveywhere...

  11. Wise words Zac
    Go into any Chanel Boutique In London its packed with Asian buyers and I mean BUYERS!
    There flooded with new money at the moment , as for Eastern Bloc ( ex)
    there seriously flooded with new money

    I knew of two fantastic authentic chanel re sellers based in Thailand needless to say they have been suspended also

    madness all of it
    but then until there is a competion
    ( google pls start an auction site)
    or specialist small auction sites run by experienced people

    It wont change
    Italy and spain are flooded with fakes at there market stalls same here boot sales , sunday markets
    counterfeits stacked high,

    Whilst the fashion industry plug these items and celebraty culture you will never stop them

    Its societys problem

    ok of now into real world
  12. Yes, China is a huge factory of fake but not mean all of resellers from China & HK selling fakes ;)

    Such people always say Indonesians are scammer, I'm staying in Indonesia ( not native ) but I'm not a scammer, I even a law person :lol: so I agree with someone here said it's more about personality than country or geographic
  13. We know your are great godiva
    alll of your bags are superb
  14. The counterfiet trade is HUGE - Billions and Billions and Billions.....

    And there are many 'high-quality' counterfiets made in Turkey too.

  15. ardneish, I assume it's a compliment ;) Thanks