About Exchanging LV Goods

  1. Hi all this is my first post! Please help, I really need your expertise!

    I recently graduated and got myself a great job in an international organization, so I bought myself a RED EPI SAC PLAT to store my work documents from Louis Vuitton in Geneve, Switzerland. Now I have moved to Bangkok, Thailand (the most peaceful coup d'etat they have!) and realized I won't really have any documents to put in my fancy bag.

    Here comes the question: Can I exchange le red sac plat for something else at Bangkok Louis Vuitton store? I have all the receipt / dustbag / box with me and I bought it in less than a month! Any of you know the policy regarding exchange, please enlight me!
  2. Yikes let us know wat you decide to do!
  3. Yeah, I was wondering about that. If I purchase something from a flagship LV, can I return it at any other LV store or boutique?
  4. LV boutique has a 14 day return policy. Won't hurt to try.
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