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  1. Bonjour tout le monde :upsidedown:

    I have a weird thing happening to me - I have an item on my watch list(a purse of course :wlae: ) that does not appears when I search it by name or on the vendor's list - it's loks like it appears on my watch list and nowhere else. It's not an new item either, so it's not like it's posted and it does not appears on the listings yet. I tried to contact the seller but no answer...:confused1:
    Now I'm afraid to bid :crybaby:

    Is this possible?
  2. Huh?? Can you post the link??

    I always say - if they don't respond DON'T BID!!!
  3. that's the eBay #


    Thanks :confused1:
  4. i saw this one- they will only take $ order- i would stay away. no paypal, no deal.
  5. Yeah - I'll stay away - thanks for the advice, girls :crybaby:
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