About Ebay feedback

  1. Well, after a lot of back and forth emails the seller gave me a partial refund for the Speedy 30 not being in the condition stated in the auction.
    She was willing to work with me - so maybe it was an honest mistake. What kind of feedback should I give her?

    Thanks for your help
  2. The word partial is kind of iffy, if it's her mistake, then shouldn't it be completely on her ? If it's not your mistake that caused an issue, it seems kind of unfair for you to bear part of the burden.
  3. I often struggle with this. When I can't decide I usually don't leave any feedback. I have yet to leave negative feedback....I use that for extreme cases only.
  4. In terms of feedback....as a seller I have been asked to give partial feedback when I messed up describing the condition (I'm selling sports cards that I know nothing about and sometimes miss describing something). I will usually give the partial refund. The feedback I have been left is usually something like "Honest seller. Good communication".
    You could try something like:
    Positive: Fast shipment (if that was the case). Honest seller. Great communication.
    Neutral: Item not as described but seller agreed to work it out.

    I would assume since you took a partial refund you're not completely dissatisfied so I wouldn't leave a negative.
    Remember though...if you leave feedback before she does then she could retaliate and leave you a neutral/negative as well.
  5. i would leave a neutral feedback options and wrote that although there's some mistakes from the seller's side, she's willing to coorperate
  6. Thanks for the great advice, girls
    Twiggers, she took her 1 week to mail the bag (father in Emergency) and she was not that great with the "communication' part either...so i really don't know...maybe I'm to exigent:shrugs:
  7. Didn't sound like it was a "pleasant" experience. So I would give a Neutral. I wouldn't give a negative because she did try to work with you.. In the end, its up to you & how you felt the transaction went :smile: