? About Duffle/mini duffle (will be my 1st Fendi)!

  1. Hello everyone
    I'm contemplating getting a Fendi duffle handbag. I've been dying for a Fendi for awhile but I just can't afford a spy (which I adore) on my just-graduated-going-to-grad-school-immediately budget. So I'm looking for a bag that's casual or one to use going out, hence the browns and silvers below. I was wondering just how small these bags are and if anyone has any pics of them modeling them. I don't want the mini duffle to be teeny but I'm afraid it might. Any input is greatly appreciated!
    Also, how often does Jomashop get in new merchandise, anyone noticed?

    http://www.jomashop.com/fendi-8bl071-rq6-f0na9.html (out of stock)

  2. The mini duffle is quite small. It is perfect for a young girl. My friend's 13 yr old tried it on (She is not even 5 ft) and it was perfect for her.