About Damier Speedy 30

  1. Hi Guys, im a newbie baghag, and I just got a Damier speedy 30, My mom bought it at korea duty free.. Im just wondering is there a padlock? Because mine doesnt have, and anyone of you got it also? can you take pictures of the lining inside your bag?

    Thanks in advance.. and last question is it ok to buy LV in duty free korea?

    Super thanks in advance. :smile:

  2. yes, a padlock is supposed to come with your bag. Check the pocket in your speedy, sometimes the lock gets put in there. Don't have pics of the lining, but it's red textile. Don't know about buying lv in duty free korea.
  3. yes if she bought it from lv dutyfree shop in korea, it's authentic
  4. The inside lining is red, there should be a padlock and keys, mine was attached to the leaf of the bag when I bought it.
  5. Interior pic:


    There isn't always a padlock included with every bag... however it won't hurt to go to LV and ask an SA for one. ;)
  6. Oh super thanks to all of you.. :smile: Mine doesnt have a padlock :sad: Im staying in manila, and my mom got this in korea duty free... :sad:

    How come not all bags have the lock? My mom is not familiar also so she doesnt ask about the locks.

  7. you can just go to a LV store and get a lock.
    I would bring a copy of the receipt.
  8. they must have forgotten to include a padlock when they packed the bag
    you can buy a padlock at a lv boutique..I think it's around $20?
  9. how much u bought the speedy without tax if convert to usd?
  10. Sometimes SAs don't put the locks with the bags or they take them out and include them with another bag. You can always get one in the LV store though.
  11. congrats on your new speedy.

  12. I can do that? even if i didnt get it here (phil.?) I mean, I can just let them see my receipt and they will give me a lock?

  13. Thank you for all your inputs... really glad i found this forum :smile:

    bacchusgirl, honeybeez, handbag*girl, Lvbabydoll,John 5, donnydp, Texas Girl and LVobsessed415 (:
  14. Yeah... just bring your receipt to your local LV... explain to them that you didn't receive a lock with your Speedy... and were wondering if they could give you one. :smile:

  15. Got it at around 600usd. Is the price ok? where can I buy cheap authentic designer bag? :smile: