About Damier Azour

  1. I was wondering if the white zipper could be a problem when it gets a ''patina'' :crybaby: since we can not just put it in the washer like that little framboise cles :confused1:

    Sorry it's Azur - but you know what I mean :yes:
  2. I've been thinking the same thing myself...that the zipper area can get dirty after a while.
  3. is it coated like the regular damier still...i cant tell from photos

  4. Huh:confused1: ..can we put framboise cles in the washer ??? I did't know that..not that I will try ..
  5. am i missing sth? what white zipper? i thought it's a brass zipper?
  6. I think there is white coated canvas surrounding the brass zipper...I am not too worried about it getting dirty because I don't have any small children:smile:
  7. she's talking about the zipper tape getting dirty... it's white... but really it shouldn't be that big of a problem
  8. Someone did. There was a thread about it. I wouldn't do it if I had one. :sad: