??? about current season's color

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  1. so i posted this a little while back in the A nude for us darker berries!!! Whoo whoo thread, but seems like either no one cared :crybaby:or no one who knew got to it...

    also, barneys.com has the ron ron in blush suede http://www.barneys.com/Ron%20Ron/159016380,default,pd.html
    has anyone seen these IRL?
  2. Looks like it's the same nude as before.
  3. Are those SPs patent or nappa or jazz? I can't tell by the pictures.
  4. Have you seen the luggage brown new simple pumps? I dont know if that is the shade you need, I think Gemruby41 has a lovely pair.
  5. What's your question other than has anyone seen it in person? Yes, they are in Saks now. I saw them Friday.
  6. Since you're in the Bay Area, you should check out Nordies at SF Centre, they have the Hyper Prive, Jean Paul Zeppa in camel.
  7. Here is a photo I have of them. They are blush nappa, so definitely NOT camel. The picture on Saks.com is misleading.

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  8. Thanks for clarifying Asha. I have a friend interested in them for a nude for herself. Now I'll be better able in assisting, I mean enabling in her getting them.

  9. my bad, it's easy to get carried away in thoughts while typing on here. i guess my question was: does the color look the way it does it the photo IRL?

    but it looks like sakura answered it with the pics... which sucks because i'd be all over them if they were more of a tan color.

    here's the link:


    they look like jazz on the site, but in sakura's post, they look like nappa... so nappa i'm guessing

    no, i haven't seen the luggage brown simples yet, but i do have of pair of luggage brown decolletes that are on their way to me! i'm thinking it's going to be a better match for me that the regular blush/nude but it would be nice to find a shade that's right in between. the stock photo of the SP from saks looks like it would have made my month... but sadly, my hopes have been crushed, well at least for now

  10. ughh! i hate going to that mall! and going to sf. (the driving part, not the shopping part though ;))

    maybe i can drag my bf into driving me out to union sq. if saks indeed has them in store... now the tough part is deciding whether or not i want to make that call because one of two things will happen:

    1. the SA will tell me that they have them and they are just to die for!


    2. the SA will tell me they do not have them, but that they have a TON of other fabulous shoes that i'll be sure to love
  11. Lavender, us enable?? Nooooooooooo. haha

    Ok, one of my Saks SAs says the box says "black calf" for the black. I didn't ask about the blush though. I'm assuming it's the same thing. This is the new simple in kid blush, so I'm sure the So Private looks like this too color wise. However, I have not seen it myself in person. I probably will this weekend.

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  12. It sorta reminds me of the nude Declic from last year, but less dirty.
  13. It looks more peachy. A little darker too?