About Coach Suede....

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  1. Has anyone ever had a problem with the color rubbing off on clothing with suede bags? Got my eye on a hot pink beauty but am wondering if I will have that problem? Many thanks!
  2. not that problem, I just hate how dirty suede gets
  3. I've never noticed it to rub off on clothing. However, I highly recommend a suede spray protectant; Shining Money or Appleguard. Coach's suede colors are terrific, however, they do get dirty.
  4. ....even if I get stuck in the rain?
  5. I havn't had a problem, however my suede bag is dark brown, but still very easy to get dirty!
  6. Don't know about rain either, but the suede sprays are water and stain repellants.
  7. Thanks. It's actually just part suede...the parts that will get the most wear are smooth leather. Thanks.
  8. I have a brown suede and a purple suede bag and have never had the color rub off. Cant answer about the rain, I wont take suede out when its raining or even if there is a chance of rain.
  9. Have quite a few suede bags in different colors and have never had a problem with color rubbing off. I'm going to try that Appleguard spray too as additional protection.
  10. The color has never rubbed off on my bags either. I have noticed on my beigish color bag that there are tiny, tiny water marks from when I got caught in a summer rain, they are barely noticeable though. No color rubbed off, just little rain spots. Now I don't take out any of my suede bags in the rain.