? about Coach leather and rain

  1. Hope some of you ladies can share what you know about the different kinds of Coach leather and how they can withstand a little raindrop. I've searched this forum and found that signature fabric holds up in the rain. How about the different kinds of leather--Vachetta, pebble, vintage? Anyone have experience with any of these kinds of leather bags? TIA!:smile:
  2. Yesterday I was dripped on , and Miranda held up well, it was a quick walk from building to car and the raindrops just rolled off....now as far as Legacy vintage leather....i run and cover them....I don't take a chance.
  3. I've been rained on carrying my soho leather and it was just fine, same with my signature and my legacy.
  4. yeah, my legacy vintage stains if i dont rub it out w/ my fingers right away, so if it is going to rain, i dont carry them sadly....
  5. Pebbled leather is good. Just wipe it off. No stains or damage.
  6. My leather Ergo got sprinkled on and I was trying to reamin calm as the rain made the regularly gorgeous turqouise look navy...but it dried right up and you can't tell that it happened. The lil pebbled Hamptons my daughter carried got rained on yesterday and it rolled right off.

    (But since that Ergo's is likely the only leather bag I'll buy [I'm a siggy kind of person] I won't carry it when rain is in the forecast any more.... )
  7. I had my chocolate leather Carly out in a huge rainstorm a few times and she did fine....rain just rolled right off of her!!!! I usually only buy siggy bags for this reason, being that I live in NY and the weather here is VERY unpredictable!!!!! but I had to give in for CHOCOLATE leather!!! :graucho:
  8. I've had soho leather and pebbled leather in the rain and neither had ill effects.

    In fact, it's been raining the last 2 days on my bag, big time raining, and it's fine.